Sunningdale Water Treatment Plant

This Package Water Treatment Plant was designed and manufactured by TS Water Projects for Sunningdale School to deliver 10m³/hr (10,000Ltrs) of clean water.

The plant operates with dual sand and activated carbon filtration. The Aeration tower & Lamella technology combination allows for high mineral, TDS & impurity removal.
All components are fabricated from 304 Stainless steel and housed in a 6m container allowing easy transportation and site installation.

“The plant design offers : low energy consumption, low maintenance and no chemical treatment process. Giving our clients piece of mind with quick capital returns by going OFF-GRID”

The Treatment Process:

Raw water will enter the Aeration tower via spiral nozzles creating fine mist spray for maximum oxygen intake to solidify dissolved solids, iron and manganese particles to settle out in the Lamella settler.

Water will be stored in a clear well underneath the settler, then pumped through dual sand pressure filters removing all particles. Final filtration with an activated carbon filter to remove any smell or impurities.

For disinfection the water is then pumped through an Ultra Violet (UV) Sterilizer, killing all bacteria, viruses and other impurities.

These Package Water Treatment Plants can be manufactured in Fully Automated and Manual modes. Complete with: MCC, Lighting, Plugs, Pumps, Filtration system, pipe work and top of the range instrumentation.

We now offer a SOLAR VERSION/”Green version” of the treatment plant for remote areas that is fully automated to ensure constant feed of treated water as required.

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