Mobile Dewatering Facility for CT

State of the art Mobile Dewatering Facility for the city of Cape Town

TSWP was selected by the City of Cape town to supply a new fully automated mobile dewatering facility. Issued with this task TSWP selected only the BEST equipment for the application. Our scope of supply included a new Bellmer Winklepress G2X capable of dewatering up to 300Kgs sludge/hour – Based on various sludge types such as Waste Activated (WAS), Digested and primary sludge’s. Achieving cake dryness of 16% and higher.

Ideal application for this facility  includes (But not limited to) : small Waste water treatment works, small communities, Works which capacities are overloaded. Larger municipalities with various dewatering facilities – should a breakdown or maintenance occur, the mobile facility can be  implemented as an emergency or standby unit. The facility can also be implemented with paper & pulp as well as the mining industry.

Key aspects : Fully Transportable via side loader truck – The facility is not abnormal load, no special permits required for transport. All equipment is housed & fixed to a 12 meter flat rack.

The flat rack includes all equipment necessary to operate the facility, such equipment includes :
* The belt press and Hydraulic control system complete
* Automatic Polymer Make-up station
* All pumps (Sludge feed pump, Wash Water Pump, Polymer dosing pump and sludge discharge cake pump.)
* Complete pipe work in 304 Stainless steel.
* Instrumentation
* Small enclosed office space with motor control center.


This facility is a first of its kind for South Africa and will uplift future standards in this field.

TS Water Projects offer full back up services for maintenance as well as operation of these units.
TSWP offers these units on a design & build sale or rental units on a contract basis.


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